The Golden Fight Night

Golden Warriors - The Golden Fight Night


7:15pm: Fight 1: AM MMA [Featherweight] – Ashvin Singh vs Mohd Hasanal
Fight 2: AM MMA [Bantamweight] – Aaron Lo vs Daniel Hakeem
Fight 3: AM MMA [Lightweight] – Hamizan vs Rudranshi
Fight 4: AM MMA [Flyweight] – Seah Zhang Yu vs Navdeep Agarwal

8:30pm: Fight 5: PRO MMA [Flyweight] – Mohd Hasbullah vs Dean Hamsah
Fight 6: PRO MMA [Featherweight] – Riko Chen vs Donald Tong
Fight 7: PRO MMA [Lightweight] – Shaqueme Rock vs Ern Tang
Fight 8: PRO MMA [Middleweight] – Nosherwan Khanzada vs Mehdi Bagheri

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